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We’re very happy to announce you can now add your very own gigs, parties & social gatherings to our Gov-Savings calendar for everyone to see!

To add your own event to our listings just click on the ‘Calendar‘ tab at the top of the page & click on the big green button at the top right that says ‘Post Your Event‘.

The next thing you’ll see is a pop up screen where you can add all the information about your gig, party or social gathering in or around Gov-Savings.

To make it a great listing, you’ll need as much info about your event as possible. That includes…


1. The event title. Be sure to follow this with the genre or style of event this is so people can get a good idea of what it’s about.

2. The date it takes place & the date it finishes along with a start & end time. Remember if your event goes on past midnight, you need to list it as finishing the next day.

3. The venue. No matter how great a party you’re throwing, no one will turn up if they don’t know where it is.

4. The address. Please also tick the box on the right hand side that says ‘include map’ & Google Maps will pin point your party so everyone can find it easily.

5.  Add a Category. We’ve got venues listed as catagories & there’s a very good chance that if you’re holding your event in an existing Gov-Savings venue, it’s on our drop down list.

6. Add some tags. We suggest using the name of the venue, the styles of music, maybe the band or DJ name & promoters too.


7. Add a description. Let everyone know exactly how great your event is going to be!

8. Add additional details. These should definitely include the cost or ‘FREE’ if its free. You can also add a ticket link, a link to your own website, a contact phone number and email address if you want to.

9. Add an image. This could be a flyer or a picture of a band, DJ, logo & so on.

10. Submit your event by pressing the big green button that says ‘Submit Event’


We’ll then get an alert to review and publish your event on Gov-Savings so that everyone who visits our website can see your listing.

It’s really that simple… so come on party people. Give it a go & let us know how you find it.

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